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Allergy Warning

At Butter & Kindness, we take allergies seriously and want to ensure that all of our customers are informed about the potential risks. While we make every effort to avoid cross-contamination and maintain a safe baking environment, our products are processed on shared equipment in a kitchen that uses many common allergens. As such, we cannot guarantee that any product will be completely free from trace elements of an allergen, even if that item is unlisted in the product's ingredient(s). We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and encourage customers with severe allergies to consult with their physician before consuming our products.

Unicorn PYO.HEIC


Vanilla Almond Sugar Cookies

Our Vanilla Almond Sugar Cookies are a fan favorite, and it's no wonder why. Made with real butter, vanilla extract, and just a hint of imitation almond flavoring, these cookies are a classic treat that everyone loves. Our recipe includes only the finest ingredients, including cultured dairy butter, eggs, wheat flour, sugar, vanilla, and salt. And top it off with our delicious Royal Icing, made with confectioner's sugar, water, clear corn syrup and/or glucose, meringue powder, and natural & imitation flavors for a delectable experience.


Our Chocolate Cookies

Satisfy your sweet tooth with our Chocolate Iced Sugar Cookies. Our classic vanilla recipe has been given a new depth with rich dark cocoa. Made with the finest ingredients including cultured dairy butter, fresh eggs and wheat flour, each bite provides the perfect balance of sweetness and richness. Our cookies are then topped with royal icing for an extra layer of indulgence. Royal icing: confectioner's sugar, meringue powder, water, glucose and/or corn syrup, natural and/or artificial flavors.

Rainbow Cookie.HEIC
Breast Cancer Cookie.HEIC


Red Velvet Sugar Cookies

Our Red Velvet Sugar Cookies are a southern-inspired treat that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Made with a combination of wheat, eggs, dairy butter, salt, sugar, meringue powder, water, natural and artificial flavorings, each cookie is loaded with delicious flavor. The cheesecake flavored royal icing on top adds the perfect amount of sweetness to this unique take on a classic cookie.


Other Bespoke Baked Goods

Our treats are custom-made creations made with flour, butter and love. From birthdays to weddings to corporate events, we create masterpieces that everyone will enjoy. Our experienced pastry chef uses only the finest ingredients to create mouth-watering desserts. Place an order with us today and experience the magic that only a bespoke baked good can provide. 

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